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Toyota Plans To Build An Entire City!!

This is serious. Toyota is building a 'prototype city of the future' called Woven City at the base of Mt. Fuji in Japan to test future tech such as autonomous vehicles, smart home technology and robotics. It is called 'woven' city because of the curvy shape of the streets, and because of Toyota's fabric weaving origins. It won't be huge, but it will be great for the environment. It will include buildings made of wood with solar panels on the roofs. The vehicles, however, are the whole point. They will be self-driving hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles like the e-palette concept. Toyota says that Toyota employees and their families, retired couples, retailers, visiting scientists and industry partners will be able to live there. They will start building the city in 2021. In case you were wondering, the 175 acres of land is currently a Toyota Yaris factory, which obviously means that the Yaris is gone, since they closed the factory. To learn more, click the following links:


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