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Toyota Will Continue Selling GR Corolla Circuit Edition In 2024

Due to popular demand over its new GR Corolla hot hatch, Toyota has announced that it will be extending the lifetime of the Circuit Edition trim level—originally destined to be a 2023-only affair—for another year. It sits squarely in the middle of the GR Corolla's trim lineup, between the more bare-bones Core and the pricier Morizo Edition.

"When Toyota GR fans speak, we listen..." says the automaker after noting "a ton of enthusiasm and excitement" for the latest addition to the GR performance range. Just 1,500 Circuit Editions are to be produced in 2023, out of a planned total of 8,000 GR Corollas this year. Toyota hasn't yet specified how many Circuit Editions will be made in 2024, but it did mention that production volume for the sought-after hatchback will be increased.

The 2023 Circuit Edition is slated to arrive this spring. Standard features include a carbon fiber roof, gloss black rear spoiler, front and rear limited slip differentials, heated front seats, and a leather shift knob bearing the signature of Morizo, the racing nickname for current Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda. The brand went on to say that some of the Circuit Edition's standard features will be carried over to the 2024 model, which means that the roster of features for next year's iteration could be cut down.

It hasn't been confirmed whether 2024 will be the final model year for the Circuit Edition, as Toyota is still pondering with the thought of pushing the trim level further on to 2025. Until then, details on next year's GR Corolla will be announced later this year.

Would you consider taking advantage of the Circuit Edition's extended lifetime?

Images: Toyota


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