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Toyota Yaris Cross Revealed

It's smaller than a CH-R, and bigger than a Yaris. Toyota was supposed to unveil it a month ago in Geneva, but it was canceled, so Toyota released several images online on April 23. The Yaris Cross is definitely something good for America, because it is a crossover, and it isn't as funky as the CH-R, which it will accompany. The Yaris Cross is based on the Yaris that is sold in Asia and Europe. America's Yaris is a rebadged Mazda2.

The two tone roof and horizontal taillights ad some flair. Also, the Yaris Cross will have a hybrid powertrain, and it might not even come here. Toyota is still deciding, but we recommend it does. It does have a decent chance of being a bestseller.

It seems like the Yaris Cross is a Yaris, RAV4, and CH-R all mixed into one.

The ambient lighting and large touchscreen make the interior almost perfect. It also gives presence with its optional 18-inch alloy wheels, LED lighting on both headlights and taillights. Sadly, there will be no GR model.

So far, the Yaris Cross seems to be a great new edition to the Toyota family.

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