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Volkswagen Beetle Final Review

(Click this link to see 'The Last Mile" commercial from Volkswagen; scroll down after clicking.)

This is probably the saddest event ever. Some cars that are discontinued don't matter, but this car is different. We hope it comes back in the future. The VW Beetle is almost gone, and it is being replaced by Volkswagen's future electric lineup. The bug was probably the best cheap car around. After 70 exciting years, it is waving goodbye to the world.

This is the last Beetle that was made in the Mexico plant.

The Beetle was available in both hatchback and convertible variants, with the iconic round headlights, and no grille. The first Beetle was smaller and thinner, and it grew through the years, becoming the Beetle we know now. Recently, VW launched the Beetle Final Edition, which officially announced that time was running out.

Our favorite Beetle might be the New Beetle, which was around from 1997 to 2010. The Beetle has been discontinued in the past, so we can expect it to come back as an EV over the years. This image below shows how far the Beetle has come:

Here are the key features:

- Price: $20,895

- Engine: 2.0 Liter 4 cylinder

- Seating: 4

- Horsepower: 174 hp

- MPG Rating: 26 city/33 highway

The final Beetle should have been placed in a museum, but VW decided to sell it like any other car. That would definitely be cool to own it.

The color options are very fun. There's the normal black, white, gray, or tan, but there's also a nice powder blue. Even more fun is red, yellow, and/or green.

Now, to the sad part. (Watch the video, too!) We cannot say goodbye enough! Farewell, poor Beetle; we hope to see you again in the future.


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