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VW ID4 Nameplate Not Yet Decided

VW says that they are not yet sure of the ID4 nameplate. The current name is still a possibility, but otherwise, VW should think fast. The electric ID4 will make its first official appearance in New York in April, and will be manufactured in Chattanooga, Tennessee. What else is VW thinking about naming it? It cannot be any old classic names, and any other number after 'ID' would not make sense. So why not just call it the ID4? Here's why.

VW might still have other German names in store (because Tiguan and Passat are not English words). And what if ID4 is planned to be a model in the lineup of VW's upcoming GTX brand? In that case, it could be ID3 GTX or ID4 GTX, which is way more likely. We will update you when the ID4, or whatever else it would be called, comes out this April.


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