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Watch The GMC Hummer EV SUV Reveal Today

The GMC Hummer EV revolutionized the overflowing electric truck segment with its pickup truck variant, or "supertruck", with the unheard of Crab Mode, Infinity Roof, and Unreal infotainment system. Now it's time to see the SUV version of the revived Hummer. The Hummer EV SUV should adopt similar performance specs to the truck, if not exactly the same,, like 1000 horsepower and 11,500 pound-feet of torque. Two electric motors will be available, as well as three of them. It should also have similar pricing to the pickup, starting at around $110,000 at first (as the years go by, the Hummer will release cheaper trim levels). The Hummer SUV will basically look like the Hummer pickup, but with a longer roof replacing the bed. The teaser also shows a rear window inspired by GM's Lambda crossovers and the original Hummers.

Inside, we should see the same Unreal-powered 12.3" digital instrument cluster paired with a 13.4" touchscreen. The next generation of Super Cruise, Watts To Freedom Launch, and many other features that make the new Hummer so unique will most likely be included, as this variant's main focus will be off-roading. We might even see three rows of seating as well, but let's try not to get too excited about that. The EV's 250 miles (or more) of range will definitely support the exploration of new terrain, without having to worry too much about charging, thanks to GM's new Ultium battery platform. The Edition 1 Hummer pickup trucks will roll out of Factory Zero (formerly known as Hamtramck) this fall, so the SUV should follow closely. The reveal starts at 5pm ET, officially completing the Hummer EV family. Don't miss out.


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