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Will The Genesis GV90 Look Like This?

Genesis has been playing around with the idea of a luxury full-size SUV ever since the GV80 midsize crossover was revealed. Now that the GV80 is on dealer lots, and the smaller GV70 is on its way, it’s about time that Cadillac, Lincoln, and Infiniti receive a new competition to fend off.

The Genesis GV90 will feature the other models' "two lines" design philosophy, which features splits headlights and taillights, as well as a "two lines" fender emblem that features LED turning signals that line up with the headlights. And sadly, according to other Genesis SUVs and sedans, a large grille is very possible. We also expect blacked-out A pillars, and and proportions are more likely to resemble the Infiniti QX80 than one of GM's full-size contenders.

As much as we would be delighted to see the GV90 soon, Hyundai's future product portfolio (2021-2022) does not showcase the GV90 anywhere, so it'll be a while until we see it. Meanwhile, though, the GV70 compact crossover is coming later this year, and the sleek G70 wagon has been teased for Europe.

Source Credits: Genesis (GV80, G80, GV70 images)


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