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2022 Mitsubishi Outlander Leaked, And It Looks Interesting

The Mitsubishi Outlander is old. Period. Mitsubishi is about to unveil an updated one, which is exciting. The brand has been struggling financially for years, and their styling doesn't seem to be helping. Mitsubishi doesn't seem to understand, though. They have promoted it with their new 2021 Eclipse Cross and Outlander Sport, and the 2022 Outlander is even worse.

Image unavailable

Images have leaked showing the huge front end, ultra-thin headlights, and very extensive grille. Besides that, the rest looks good. The sharp roofline looks great compared to the current model's boring shape. Also, the taillights boast a more prominent design. We just can't get past the front.

The current Outlander. Image Credits: Mitsubishi

The interior should have a larger touchscreen with more spacious seating and updated tech. A more advanced PHEV variant is on the way, and we expect the Rogue-based crossover to offer new infotainment. The reveal is happening soon, and hopefully Mitsubishi won't fail again.


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