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2022 Nissan Pathfinder Teased Before The Big Reveal

Nissan is finally rolling out new vehicles two at a time to replace their aging lineup, like the Ariya and Rogue, Sentra and Altima, Armada and Kicks, and the Z Proto. We've been waiting for the new Pathfinder for what feels like years. The new family SUV is finally coming on February 4th, along with the new (finally) Frontier pickup.

Obviously, Nissan is advertising some off-road skills here, and we hope it's real because the current Pathfinder was very disappointing for enthusiasts when it debuted in 2013. Also, dealers have been begging for Nissan to bring the X-Trail off-roader back to the US. Anyway, we hear a roaring V6 engine, which is confirmed to be Nissan's engine of choice for the new Pathfinder. The 2020 version does carry a 3.5 liter V6, but the 2022 model should have something a bit better (Nissan said that the 3.5 will carry over though). The CVT transmission might or might not continue onto the new generation.

The new Pathfinder will receive an all-new design, and according to spy shots and the teaser, it should look a lot like the Rogue crossover. The silhouette will be more squared-off than the rounded profile of the 2020 model. A larger V-Motion grille will be accompanied by chunky headlights, similar to the 2021 Armada. Inside, a big touchscreen will sit atop the dashboard, like the Rogue, Sentra, and other new models.

The 2022 Pathfinder will utilize the same platform that underpins the Altima and Maxima sedans, and front-wheel drive will be joined by an all-wheel drive variant. The 2022 Nissan Pathfinder is finally debuting on February 4th, so save the date.

Video: Nissan


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