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An Audi Q9 Could Slot Above The Q7

The Audi Q7 was updated last year to keep up with its rivals, Mercedes and BMW. The Q7 is currently Audi's largest SUV offering, but it pales in comparison to the much bigger Mercedes GLS and BMW X7. Audi might be planning a surprise for these competitors, as rumors have been stating. Audi filed trademark for the Q9 name, but is Audi just holding onto the Q9 moniker for no actual reason?

Automakers sometimes trademark names just for the sake of keeping them safe. It usually happens with companies that have a naming system (like Audi's 'Q' for SUVs) and want to keep names that they might not ever use. The Audi Q9 is very likely to happen though, since SUVs are proving to be very popular.

The rumors, on the other hand, claimed that the SUV would be unveiled 'at the end of 2020', but Audi already would have confirmed the Q9 by now. Also, prototypes haven't been spotted yet. Other sources say that the Q9 is coming in 2022. We don't know a lot about the SUV, since Audi is keeping details to themselves. We can guess that the Q9 will have more spacious third row seating than the Q7, and will likely be more luxurious as a flagship model.

Performance-wise, the engine should be more powerful. Rumors are pointing to Audi's 4.0 liter V8. Obviously, some sort of EV/hybrid variant should be in the mix, as well as S and even RS versions. Since 2022 isn't so far away, we should see prototypes on the road soon.

Source Credits: Motor1

Image Credits: Audi


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