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Lotus Teases Three New Sports Cars To Replace Current Lineup

Lotus will soon end production of the Evora, Elise, and Exige sports cars in favor of three future sports cars that will replace them. The first to be revealed, codenamed Type 131, will have a hybrid engine, being the last Lotus vehicle to have a combustion engine. It will be revealed this year.

Lotus has been working to revive their old lineup, and the first all-new vehicle in a while to enter the Lotus family was the Evija electric hypercar from last year. So, these cars are good news. Lotus has stated that Type 131 will ride on the bonded aluminum platform that underpins the Evora, Exige, and Elise, but the platform will be modified. The Type 131 sports car coming this year will apparently be more usable than the current lineup, like a Porsche Cayman.

The Type 131 sports car will have a lower starting MSRP, so $75,000 is a good guess when looking at the Evora's starting price of over $99,000. The Type 131 will maintain the tradition of names starting with an E, so names such as Esprit and Elan should be in the cards.

The second new model has just begun with development, and will be all-electric. It will share its new platform with a new Alpine EV, which is part of a deal with Renault. We should also see a supercar somewhere, as well as an SUV with help from Geely.

Source Credits: Car and Driver

Images Credits: Lotus, Lotus Design


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