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Yes, Smart Is Planning An SUV For 2022

After slim sales in North America, Smart pulled their ForTwo urban car from the US and Canada last year. Geely bought 50% of Smart that same year, allowing advantages like becoming an EV-only brand. Smart is now using those resources to build a crossover for the 2022 model year. It sounds crazy for a brand that makes tiny cars, but it will help to keep Smart running.

Smart is excited about this SUV, boasting that it will be a "true smart SUV [and] instantly recognizable as smart, ultra-modern, sophisticated and advanced in connectivity solutions. [It will be] super-compact on the outside and big on the inside." The Smart crossover will utilize Geely's Sustainable Experience Architecture platform for EVs. It reportedly can underpin a wide range of vehicles, like hatchbacks, crossovers, and vans. Smart will also use the platform for their next-generation ForTwo and ForFour models.

The crossover will focus on urban mobility, rather than rough terrain, and should be about the size of a Mini Cooper Hardtop. The reason why this crossover will not be a rugged car is because "[Smart is] convinced that [their] new SUV will quickly establish itself as a leader in the segment and spearhead a transformation in the meaning and the look of an urban, electric lifestyle. [They] know that people who love Smart and share its values feel strongly about the quality, spirit and vibrancy of urban life. They share our beliefs and lead from the front."

Smart is hiding details for now, but we should hear more from them soon. It will reportedly have a 78 kWh battery with a 250-mile range and FWD, AWD, and RWD variants. The 2022 launch will be for Europe and Asia, so we highly doubt that the small crossover is coming here.

Source Credits: CarBuzz

Image Credits: Smart


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